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The Disability Sport Info show is 1 year old

December 16, 2022 Dr Chris Brown Season 3 Episode 1
Disability Sport Info
The Disability Sport Info show is 1 year old
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In this short episode, I reflect on the 1st year of the podcast and look forward to year 2 of the podcast. I also issue a call for feedback on the podcast. 

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Transcript of Disability Sport Info episode, ‘The Disability Sport Info show is 1 year old’




Speaker: CB: Dr Christopher Brown (Presenter – University of Hertfordshire, UK) 

Speaker: CB                        Time:  0:30 

Hello Listeners! Welcome to a special episode of the Disability Sport Info show. In this short episode, I will reflect on the 1st year of the podcast and look forward to year 2 of the podcast. I’m also keen to get your feedback on the podcast. More on that shortly!

Well, first of all, a big thank you to everyone who has supported the podcast. That includes our fabulous contributors, all 17 of them, and you the Listener! I appreciate your ongoing support and enthusiasm for the podcast. 

The Disability Sport Info podcast celebrated its 1st birthday on 9th December, so I think it’s a good time to reflect on the previous year. The past year has seen a total of 18 episodes published, 1,161 downloads, and 42 countries reached, with France being the most popular country for the podcast (528 downloads). Currently, the most popular episode is the one on Paralympic legacies and empowerment with Dr Laura Misener and Dr Danielle Peers. 

The past year has seen content published on the Paralympic Games and grassroots sport. Listeners can access individual topics within each series or consolidated episodes that combine the individual topic areas. I hope these series have helped listeners to understand these areas in more depth. 

Going forward, the next series will focus on high-performance sport, with 9 episodes planned. The aim is to publish episodes during January and February, so watch this space!

After the series on high performance sport, I will be focusing on the following topic areas: 

The impact of the cost of living crisis on disability sport;

Sport spectatorship experiences; and 


It’s now over to you, the Listeners. I want your feedback on how things have progressed thus far, successes and improvements for the future. I’m also keen to get your suggestions on how the podcast can be enhanced and developed in the future. The purpose of this podcast is to translate academic expertise on disability sport to a wider audience, so keep this in mind when sending in your suggestions. I’m also keen to hear from listeners from around the world – firstly, thanks for listening. What’s prompted your interest in the podcast? How did you learn of the podcast? I’m particularly interested to hear from my French listeners about their experiences of the podcast. 

You can get in touch with me via Twitter or email. My Twitter handle is @Dr_ChrisBrown. My email address is c.brown25@herts.ac.uk. If you’re getting in touch via email, please include ‘Disability Sport Info’ in the subject title so I know you’re emailing about the podcast. 

Right, that’s it for this short episode. Thanks for your continued support and engagement with the podcast. 

However you celebrate the next few weeks, I hope you have a good one and have a great New Year. See you in 2023. Until then, goodbye!

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